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RON-consultin's philosophy
The new format of personal assistance for your comfort
This is an exclusive service for those who really appreciate quality and comfort in all areas of life. Our goal is to free up your time for enjoyable moments while we take care of important issues and current tasks.
Legal, information and translation services:
  • Сonsultations on legal issues
  • Interpretation and translation (Spanish-English)
  • Accompaniment to government agencies, banks, negotiations, hospitals, etc.
  • Searching and providing information upon request
  • Organisation of courier delivery
  • Organisation of gifts and flowers delivery
  • Interaction with insurance companies, real estate agencies
  • Assistance in finding and viewing properties to rent/purchase
  • Due diligence
  • Obtaining all types of appointments (citas)
Service packages
10 hours — 1 month
Solving your tasks 10 hours during 1 month. As part of the package, 2 hours can be used for assistance in person.

Price: 550€
20 hours — 1 month
For a large family or when there are lots of questions and commissions.
20 hours per month.
As part of the package, 3 hours can be used for assistance in person

Price: 730€
10 hours — 6 months
If you don't have frequent questions, you can use this package for half a year. 2 hours can be used for assistance in person

Price: 730€
This service is for those who need accompaniment with translation to the notary, bank, negotiations, fingerprinting, residence registration, etc.

Price: 121€/hour
according to the privacy policy, the feedback is published with the consent of customers, but without specifying their personal data
  • I am very satisfied with the level of service — I always get a quick response to my enquiry, the work is done in the shortest possible time, efficiently, with the desired result. Makes the daily routine much easier.
  • I am grateful to the company for organising my family's move to Spain. It was very convenient that our presence was required only once, all other issues were resolved quickly and without our participation. It was especially convenient for us because we have a small child.
  • A level of service that you simply can't find in Spain. Very pleased with the co-operation and the saving of my time and often nerves.
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